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This course is designed for students who want to build or improve  their English skills in order to effectively communicate in their daily lives. We customize the courses as per the proficiency level of the students and use a practical approach to teach the language to students. We help the candidates in their quest to speak English precisely, fluently and confidently. Our classroom sessions include a variety of interactive and interesting activities with an objective to help the students achieve proficiency in the language.  We use a unique approach of proficiency based learning in spoken English classrooms.

Spoken English
Standard Program | 5 Days per week | 6 weeks

Course Highlights:


  • Insight into the syntax of language

  • Usage of descriptive words to speak fluently

  • Pronunciation features with emphasis on the words that should be stressed

  • Vocabulary and phrases relevant to real life situations

  • Simulation of real-life situations

  • Methods to improve reading and listening skills

  • Individual and team activities

  • Periodic assessments and feedback

Course options and duration 

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